Guidance and advice for inpat

  • Personal inpat guidance

  • Advice about insurances

  • Assistance in emergencies

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Guidance and advice for inpats

Personal support is very important when you’re working abroad. Z&P advies offers inpatriates (inpats) the coaching and advice you need in the Netherlands. You can contact us for questions about insurance, guidelines for inpats or if something unexpected happens.
In case of an emergency, we’ll help you and manage everything, so you can continue working.

ISIS Insurance

When you’re going abroad for a short period of time you need Insurance. Especially for inpats working in the Netherlands there’s the ISIS insurance. Besides this insurance we will look at your personal situation and examine if you need additional insurance

Wilt u ook een persoonlijk advies op maat zonder verrassingen?

In een vrijblijvend en kosteloos adviesgesprek leggen we u graag uit wat we voor u kunnen betekenen. Wilt u meer weten? Vul dan het formulier in of neem contact met ons op.